To rent a property from USA Properties Hunters, you can search our listings online or contact one of our rental agents to schedule a viewing. Once you have found a property you are interested in, you will need to fill out a rental application and provide the necessary documentation.

To sell your property through USA Properties Hunters, you can contact one of our licensed real estate agents who will provide you with a comparative market analysis and help you determine a fair market price for your property. They will then market your property to potential buyers and handle the negotiation and closing process.

The rental application process with USA Properties Hunters typically involves filling out an online or paper application, providing proof of income and employment, undergoing a credit and background check, and paying a security deposit and first month’s rent.

When selling a property through USA Properties Hunters, you can expect to pay a commission fee to the real estate agent handling the sale. This fee is typically a percentage of the sale price and may vary depending on the property and location.

USA Properties Hunters offers a variety of property management services, including tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance and repair, and 24/7 emergency response. We work closely with landlords to ensure that their properties are well-maintained and profitable.